Thomas Jefferson Vocal Music Department

Director: Travis Walker


Choir officer Results

President: Gracie Clark

Vice President: Coyer Lusk

Dance Captains: Tyson Bentley and Hannah Morris

Social/Historian: Austin Nielsen

All State/ Concert Choir rehearsal tracks

Concert Choir Audition


1. Sight sing one of the 4 melodic examples using Solfege

2. Sight read one of the 4 rhythmic examples using counting or Takadimi

3. Sing the first verse of "My Country Tis of Thee"

4.  You will be given 4 sets of pitches. You will sing them back after being played on La

Sight Singing Examples:

Bass Clef pitch matching: Pitch Matching.mp3

 Treble Clef pitch matching: Pitch matching.mp3



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                           Concert Choir Songs


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