Thomas Jefferson Vocal Music Department

Director: Travis Walker

LC All State Camp 

If you are interested please sign up.  Boosters will pay $20 of the registration.

 This year's workshop will run from August 11-13. We go from 9-4 with an hour for lunch in the middle, and will have rehearsals varying from sectionals to large group work. The goal of this camp is for students to leave feeling comfortable with all of the music, including the patriotics.

The cost for the workshop is $50 per student, which covers all three days of rehearsals. Checks can be made out to Lewis Central High School.

I know that the first day overlaps with Show Choir camp a little.  You will be able to make the second half of the camp on Wednesday.

LC All State Camp Sign Up

Choir officer Results

President: Alysa Arthur

Vice President: Katie Andersen

Dance Captains: Neherin Lemus and Angela Raquel

Social/Historian: Jayden Sump

Librarian: Daniel Galan

All State/ Concert Choir rehearsal tracks

Concert Choir Audition


1. Sight sing one of the 4 melodic examples using Solfege

2. Sight read one of the 4 rhythmic examples using counting or Takadimi

3. Sing the first verse of "My Country Tis of Thee"

4.  You will be given 4 sets of pitches. You will sing them back after being played on La

Sight Singing Examples:

Bass Clef pitch matching: Pitch Matching.mp3

 Treble Clef pitch matching: Pitch matching.mp3



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                           Concert Choir Songs


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