Thomas Jefferson Vocal Music Department

Director: Travis Walker

2020-21 Jefferson Jazz Singer


Chloe Brooks*

Emma Nelson

Audrey VanSolen


Gwyneth Sudario*

Gracie Clark 

Evelyn Kinney


Tyson Bentley*

Jayen Simmons

Josh Hegarty


Brandy Sudario*

Jacob Weiland

Kennon Rucker

Austin Nielsen

* Section Leaders

Jazz Choir Auditions


Part 1:

Pitch match: I will play 4 notes you will have to sing them back to me

Find the Note: I will arpeggiate three notes you will have to sing the middle note

                       Then I will play all three notes at the same time and you will have to sing the middle note

Part 2:

Sing the Sight reading exercise on sol feg  Jazz Choir Sight Singing


Part 3:  

Sing Major, Whole Tone, and Melodic Minor scales up and down with sol feg with swung 8th notes


Part 4:

Prepare one of these songs all the way through once.    Sing with style and correct rhythms.  

Second time through sing with improvization



 There Will Never Be Another You

 There will Never be Another You Accompaniment


You're Nobody til Somebody Loves You 

You're Nobody til Somebody Loves You Accompaniment


Who Is This GUY!!!!!!!!

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